Jesus: People are Drawn to Him



But I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself.” John 12:32

Have you ever been drawn to someone for a reason you were unsure of? There was something inside of your heart that connected to a certain individual and you had to know why.

While attending a worship conference a few months back, there was a man who spoke that had a very prophetic anointing on him. The words and prayers he spoke connected with me in that moment of my life. This man spoke a fresh word into a conference that needed a stir in their stagnant waters. There was a class during this conference that actually taught that a certain song was not good to start a worship service with because it only addressed God in the song and not the audience. The people “needed” the first song to draw them into the presence of God by addressing them as a group. It sounded silly to me. However, this other man spoke about being led by God during worship, a prophetic worship service. It was very refreshing to me.

After this man spoke to everyone, the conference then split up into about six different classes in which the people could choose which one to attend. This man was one of the teachers. My wife and I knew which class we wanted to attend that day. We were drawn, along with many others in the conference, to the message that this man brought.  We were some of the first people in the room; however, slowly people started to fill the room. There was a moment when a certain individual walked in and this man stopped talking and pointed him out. He spoke a prophetic word over the individual’s life and then continued on. My heart was burning inside of me to have the same type of prophetic anointing over me. It was not this man who I was drawn to but the passion for Jesus he had.

Here is the danger of this anointing: wanting people to be drawn to you instead of being drawn to Jesus. As a youth pastor, I want students to come to me for prayer and for words of encouragement and wisdom. I hope that I point them straight to Jesus and not make them into a follower of me. Jesus, before going to the cross, prayed, “Father, glorify your name!” He wanted people to be drawn to himself because through Him, people would see the glory of God.

So What? Is it wrong to want people to be drawn to you? Yes and no. Yes if you want people to be drawn to you and only you. No if you want people to be drawn to you so that they will see the glory of God. It is all about the motives of your heart. Here is another question in which we can talk about next week: How can you tell if a person wants attention to themselves or if they want to bring glory to God?

p.s. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!


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